The ultimate football predictor app

Predict match results and earn points to compete with friends, family, work colleagues and the rest of the world. Keep up to date with live scores, fixtures and results. Download the app and start playing for free.

The Forescore mobile app displayed on the iPhone


Make your predictions for the upcoming matches of your favourite competitions. Check the teams form and the breakdown of what everyone else is predicting to help make your decision.

Live updates

Get live updates for each match you predict. Including the score, line-up, goal scorers and bookings.

Earn Points

Points are awarded for the correct scoreline, outcome and goal difference. Check out the rules for more information.


Create private leaderboards with your friends or take on the world in the public leaderboards. Leaderboards are updated instantly after each match finishes.


Predict the match results of the worlds top football competitions. There are currently 16 competitions to play in and we look to add more in the future!